By the end of January 2021, the financial world had been hit by an event that was so unique that it drew the attention of Wall Street and Main Street. GME, a failing video game retailer, became the spot of a clash between the retail investors and the institutional hedge funds. This clash, fueled by social media platforms like Reddit, particularly the Subreddit r/WallStreetBets, saw the stock price of GameStop GME has been soaring to the celestial heights, getting beyond all the ordinary stock market rules. This article covers the whole GME scenario, from the beginning to the present, and it describes the main actors, the financial market consequences and the general social effects.

Origins of the GME Saga:

To grasp the GameStop incident, it is necessary to go back to the origin of the story. GameStop, a store that deals with video games and consumer electronics, was having a hard time for years because of the transformation to the online format and digital downloads. Consequently, the stock price of the company had been going down, which made short-sellers-investors who bet against a stock by borrowing shares and selling them, look at the company, and they were buying it before it went up.

Among the many hedge funds that held a large short position in GameStop, Melvin Capital Management was the one known for its bearish attitude towards the company. Through the realization that GameStop’s decline would give rise to a lucrative opportunity, Melvin Capital and other institutional investors collected large short positions, which, in other words, were a bet on the company’s downfall.

Enter the Retail Investors:

Nevertheless, the plot changed when a group of online retail investors, united by the forum of r/WallStreetBets, decided to dethrone the status quo. Commanded by individual investors like Keith Gill, the resolution was achieved.

With the aid of social media networks such as Reddit, Twitter and Discord, retail investors created a group to buy GameStop shares that made the price of the stock go up, and thus a short squeeze was triggered which is when the short sellers are compelled to buy back the shares which in turn increases the price of the stock.

The Power of Social Media:

GameStop Stock Split: Is Now the Time To Buy? | GOBankingRates

At the heart of the GME saga was the role of social media in giving the financial information to the masses and thus enabling the retail investors to get their hands on it. Such platforms as Reddit were the place for people to exchange investment ideas, to do research, and to at the same time fight the actions of the big institutions.

The GME phenomenon was also a proof that social media has a great influence on the market sentiment and hence, it is one of the main reasons for trading activity. Through the retail investors who supported GameStop on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and YouTube, the contagious cycle was formed where more attention meant more buying which in turn further boosted the stock price.

Regulatory Scrutiny and Market Volatility:

The GME frenzy caused the regulators and the policymakers to perceive the problem and to determine the implication of the problem for the market stability. The surprise jump in GameStop’s stock price made people think that the market was being manipulated, and this led to the SEC and the Congress to look into the matter.

The GME saga also showed the possibility of the financial markets to be too unstable and not predictable, where the trading is not based on the fundamental values, but it is a herd behavior. Although for some investors the GME rally was very profitable, the others incurred heavy losses since the stock price finally went back to its peak.

Long-Term Implications and Lessons Learned:

The GME saga, apart from the short-term show, has generated the debates on the future of investing, market transparency and the place of retail investors in the financial markets. It has made people to be aware of the problems that are related to short-selling, market regulation, and the democratization of finance.

Besides, the GameStop event has emphasized the necessity for the investors to be careful and to do the research properly before deciding to make the investment. Although the GME rally showed the strength of the collective action of the retail investors, at the same time it was also a reminder of the dangers that come with speculative trading and market mania.


The GameStop case of 2021 is certainly going to be a milestone in the finance world that will be forever remembered. This started as a David-versus-Goliath battle between the retail investors and the hedge funds, but later it became a bigger discussion of the market dynamics, social media influence, and the democracy of investing.

After the dust settles and the GME frenzy is no longer a news item, its legacy will remain as a cautionary tale that will symbolize the forces that disrupted the traditional financial world and at the same time will remind us that in today’s world anyone with an internet connection can play in the stock market.

On Monday, GameStop stock and AMC shares went up substantially when Keith Gill, also called Roaring Kitty, returned to social media after three years on sabbatical. The New York Stock Exchange stopped trading on GME stock for several times because of the very fast price growths.

GameStop short squeeze:

Gill, a former financial broker and analyst, rose to fame in 2020 and 2021 for his part in the GameStop short squeeze, and then he testified before the House Financial Services Committee. His comeback was characterized by a social media post stating that he was once again looking for something.

The retail investors were happy with his comeback, as they expressed their feelings by saying, “he’s back” and “game on,” which means that they have gone back to the time when meme stock activity was on the rise.

GameStop (GME) Stock Surges on Plans for Stock Split - Bloomberg

GME stock went up more than 74 in percentage. 5% on Monday, the stock market went crazy and there were many trading stops because of the volatility. Concurrently, AMC Entertainment increased 78. 4%, but its stock had fallen tremendously at the beginning of the year.

In 2021, the value of GME stock climbed up by 688% as lots of retail investors started to buy the stock together, surprising the short sellers and causing them to lose a lot of money. This brief squeeze was cited in the film Dumb Money.

The GME stock price increase was a result of the interplay of various factors, most notably the extreme bearishness of short sellers and the concerted activities of retail investors. Although at first it was on the decline, GME got the center of attention and controversy of the market, which was the change of the interesting market trend of the retail investing.


Who was the main reason for the boom in GameStop’s stock price?

The GameStop’s stock price was pushed to an all-time high by the united effort of the retail investors, mainly those who are on Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets, who caused the short squeeze.

Who were the significant participants?

Retail investors, institutions, short-sellers, and hedge funds like Melvin Capital were the main figures.

What role did Facebook play in the Saga’s evolution?

Reddit, being a social media platform, made the communication and coordination between retail investors easier, hence, the market volatility was increasing.

What was the regulatory outcome?

Regulators investigated the possible market manipulation, and congress held sessions to deal with the problems of transparency and speculative trading.

What lessons were learned?

The journey proved the effects of mass, the power of social media, and the significance of the research in the investment.